I promised you a better life than what we have now. I mean, how else am I supposed to get it?
-I like our life just fine.
You're the only damn person in the world whose opinion matters to me, and you ain't got one.
-I ain't gonna tell you what to do, Jesse. That's why you love me. Jesse?
Say I go. What if I lose?
-You're the fastest man on the Earth.
But you won't be there. My family won't be there. My coach won't even be there.
-Larry's not going?
No. He tried, but they won't let him. I'm gonna be there all by myself, the whole world watching. And if I lose... If I lose, it'll mean those Nazis were right.
-Quit thinking so much, Jesse. It's not what you're good at. You was put here to run. Don't listen
to any of them. Listen to you. You listen to your heart, all right?

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