So.....I really wanted to like this.....but it just wasn't for me.

None of the characters came to life for me. I DNF'd at about 30% through.

The whole thing felt forced. There was no chemistry for me between any of the characters. More to my irritation, the love triangle was far too prominent in the plot rather than focusing on the individual characters and growing the suspense. I understand that most YA books are going to have some triangle but most are done in the background rather than being front-and-center. This one just took over the whole book.

Even the villain, which will normally keep me interested, was boring for me. There was no real drama and at that 30% mark I just didn't care where this was headed or what happened to anyone.

The main character really killed this for me too. She is supposedly this awesome rebel that has enough skills to break people out of a prison but she was so stupid most of the time. You can't be an awesome revolutionary and be that dumb, be that much of a follower, all at the same time. It just doesn't line up for me and left me wondering why she was even in the book.

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