Badly written, and not helped by sloppy editing.

Obviously, Sanghi's first language is not English (which is fine, but that's where a good editor steps in to tweak it). Unfortunately, the problems only start there.

The issue some people seem to be having over the character names is understandable if one is not familiar with the culture - choosing simpler, more "Anglo-sounding" names might have helped.

Didn't like the charmless, alcoholic Wagh - I want my Private agents to be calm, cool, and collected - isn't that why we read these things?!?

Felt like something that was just pushed out to keep the franchise going. If I were Patterson, presumably having allowed this to be released with his name on it, I'd be nervous! Long-time fans deserve better...

Couldn't settle in to it and finally gave up less than halfway through.

JET777's rating:
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